Spring Fishing
Downsize in cold temps - catch more fish TODAY!.
Use the wind - catch more fish TODAY!.
Ultralighting the transition from Winter to Spring fishing.
Catching St. Johns River "copperheads" - not snakes! REVISED.
Catch Spring/summer Talquin crappies subsurface!
Catch Spring/summer transitional fish species in the SE!

Summer Fishing
Catch Colorado smallies, crappies, green sunfish...on the fly.
Ultralighting with Hot summer fishing tactics.Catch more fish!
Fish new Hot summer water...and find new fish.
Catch world class Colorado smallies...on the fly.

Fall Fishing
Ultralighting the Annual Fall transition. to catch your your favorite fish.
Fishing Fall waters for all kinds of fish.
Ultralighting for hot action in cool water temps. each year.
Ultralighting overcast cool fall weather for sun fish.

Winter Fishing
Savannah River Winter stripers -- catch rod testing winter Savannah strain striped bass.
Lake West Point winter Hybrids -- catch rod bending winter hybrid bass.
Winter 'Hooch hybrids -- catch rod bending hybrid bass in the central Hooch.
Trophy Lanier Stripers - gamefish close to Atlanta.
Chilly Gills - winter fishing in your favorite pond.
Fish drop-offs effectively... year 'round and catch MORE fish.
The Big Chill... Ultralighting for Wintertime warmwater species in the south.

General Fishing

Is it sport or murder .... to hound a fish and snag it for bragging rights?
Fly Fish for Georgia "bass" ...from the mountains to the sea.
Fish frontal passages and catch more fish!
Christmas 1954... well remembered.
Quiet Weapon for Timid Bass - using fly rod for bass.
The Clouser minnow -- an interview and short history