Ultralight Fly Fishing Techniques

Downsize in cold temps - catch more fish TODAY!.
Fish Where the fish are! you'll catch a LOT more fish.
Fish the entire water column effectively. -- Year 'Round.
Use the WIND to catch more fish.
Fish on frontal passages ...and catch more fish.
Watch your cast! - don't let your casting cost you fish.
Select the right fly system the first time.
Fish drop-offs effectively... year 'round and catch MORE fish.
Your flies through fish eyes..what makes your flies WORK.
Fishing with light hooks... will make a difference.


Fishing the 2011 Orvis Superfine Touch 1 weight ... a 7 foot 6 inch Superfun rod!
We all need a friend in the rod business!
Fishing Orvis' Superfine 1 weight the original 1 weight making a quiet come back!
Orvis' Trout Bum 1-weight ...the newest, fastest, lightest, strongest Orvis 1-weight.
Sage's TXL Triple Ought weight ...the lightest of the ultralights.
Who has the most fish fighting leverage or the fish?
Rods that protect tippets - these rods can save your trip or a trophy fish.
Orvis T3 rods - light strength that works.
The Sage SLT rod series - includes interview with rod designer, Jerry Siem.
Sage's TXL Double Ought rod -- with Jerry Siem interview.


Reel seats! -- prevent a reel problem.
How important is your fly reel's drag?Based on my real world experience with large fish...VERY important!

Lines, leaders, tippets

Sage's Ultralightest lines are Rio lines's how they've changed.
Selecting manufactured leaders / tippets for today's true ultralights.
My knot suggestion for UL line/leader connection.
Improve your UL rod's performance try a new line. Revised 2008.
Rod position -- be more effective catching FISH.
Fish sinking lines better - catch more fish.
To loop...or not to Loop? make fishing easier.
Tippet X ratings -- do you know them?

General Articles

Is it sport or murder .... to hound a fish and snag it for bragging rights?
How to properly break a fish's jaw and ruin his future.
Who has the most fish fighting leverage or the fish?
Fish UL fly or spin tackle? to catch more fish.
Hypothermia can kill -- in Winter fishing.
Catch and Release that works...keep 'em alive.
Your Livewell - your fish emergency room .
Where have all the fishers gone?
These ARE the good old days.
Build new fish holding habitat... anytime is the perfect time.
High Tech Dams! - dam construction will impact our fishing future