Ultralighting high water Fall transitions.
Giant Fall ultralight surprises... catch big fish on small flies.
Why do we fly fish...for fun, survival, what?
The State of Ultralight Fly fishing in 2009.
Choice and fly for your enjoyment.
Re-defining Ultralight ...the paradigm shifted in 2007.
Making your transition to ultralight fly fishing systems... for more fish catching action.
Fish ultralight rods before buying -- buy right the first time.
Small flies WORK - ultralighting for lunker bass.
Pass along your fly fishing passion - to kids, young and old.
Fish UL fly or spin tackle to catch more fish.


The Hexagraph rod Company has shut its doors... rod owners read please read this!
Fishing and evaluating the 2012 TFO "Half weight" ... an odd 5 foot 3 section fly rod!
Sage's Ultralightest lines are Rio lines's how they've changed.
Fishing the 2011 Orvis Superfine Touch 1 weight ... a 7 foot 6 inch Superfun rod!
We all need a friend in the rod business!
Fishing the original 1 weight ...the Orvis Superfine 1 weight today!
The Orvis Helios Ion 2-weight ...a fly rod under 1 ounce at last!
The Orvis Trout Bum 1-weight the newest of Orvis' ultralight rods.
Selecting manufactured leaders / tippets for today's true ultralights.
The SAGE TRIPLE Ought weight the lightest of the ultralights.
The SAGE Double Ought weight...Interview with Jerry Siem.
Rods that protect tippets. Land more fish with ultralights.
Are UL fly reel drags important? YOU BET.
Tune up your rod's performance with a new line for your ultralights.
Best line/leader connection for your ultralights.
The Sage SLT ultralights. Interview with Jerry Siem
Hexagraph rods fish like cane ...without the bad characteristics.
Orvis T3 series ultralight rod. Interview with Paul Fersen
UL reel seats really matter. The wrong kind can be a disaster.
One-of-a-kind UL rod that I own. My custom built Hex 1-2 weight.