UL Fly Fishing and UL Shooting
with Bill Byrd

I have fly fished since 1968 making 2019 my 51st fly fishing season. I've enjoyed the shooting sports since 1963 making this my 56th shooting season. Currently I have fished more than 5100 hours fishing light/ultralight fly tackle, and hundreds of hours in the field. I've been a freelance fly fishing writer since 1995, and was SE Regional Editor for Fly Fish America Magazine in the early 2000s. My articles ran in Warmwater Fly Fishing, Saltwater Fly Fishing, Fly Fish America, Bassmaster Magazine, and other publications.

My site features coverage of fly fishing warm waters, cold waters, salt waters, and rivers. My Light / ULTRALIGHT section was the first on Ultralight fly fishing and is still a very comprehensive resource on the subject. Although some of my articles are dated, the information in most articles is very useful even today. I still expect to be adding new fly fishing articles and updating current articles in the coming years.

Apparently some folks think I have become extinct, but that notion is not so. In July of 2018 I suffered a ruptured left quad tendon from a fall, and that certainly has slowed me down A LOT. Then while in rehab I suffered a re-tear so I've gone thru a second surgery to correct that issue. My activity level is VERY slowed for now while I let this surgery heal. I'll have many weeks of rehab, but I'll be back out as soon as possible. Please don't think I'm down for the count yet. My obit will signal when I'm truly done.

My site also features a new section devoted to Light / Ultralight shooting. The volume of articles will build over time. Please send me an email and let me know if you enjoy the new section of articles....Bill Byrd.


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